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What to Expect:

Checking in for Consultation

Strella is a medical spa, dedicated to giving their clients medical grade treatments in a spa-like environment. Since treatments are considered medical grade your consultation will require in-depth documentation. Allow adequate time to provide proper identification, complete paperwork, and receive post-treatment instructions. The medical history will include medications you are taking, allergies, exercise regime and lifestyle, habits such as tanning and smoking.

Why is a Consultation Important

A 45 minute consultation is the first step in forging a long term relationship with your clinical specialist. A consultation allows Strella to gain invaluable information on you as an individual. With a comprehensive consultation we are able to assess the clients needs, discuss their individual request and share with that client information and education on how to progress with a plan.

Who will treat you

Strella has extensively trained and experienced doctors, estheticians, nurses, and laser specialist. The specialist you meet with will vary depending on the reason for the consultation. For example, if  you are wanting to discuss injectables, a nurse will be your consultation contact or if you are wanting to discuss skin tone and texture, then an esthetician will be your clinician. When making the appointment the front desk personnel will be able to schedule you with the appropriate specialist.  

Maintenance and follow-up

It is very important for clients to comply with pre and post care instructions. At Strella we are goal centered on results, and those results are dependant on the client following the treatment plan. Medical spas have a higher intensity of treatment than a relaxation spa, and compliance will be very important to a successful outcome. At the time of consultation and or treatment, follow-up appointments will be scheduled.


The consultation at Strella is complementary. At times a consultation can be done on the same day as treatment; other times the consultation and treatment date need to be seperated to give the highest quality of care.Your clinician will review your expectations, risk, adverse reactions, potential outcomes, treatments you have had in the past and alternative treatment options during your consultation. Pre and post care instructions will be discussed at this time, so that the client can schedule treatments when it best fits their needs.Photographic records are invaluable to the client as well as the clinician to monitor improvement and progression. Photographs are done at the time of treatment. If no treatments are done, no photographs will be taken.

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