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Cherry Angioma Treatment

Remove the polka - dots
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I don’t want polka-dots

These red bumps/moles that show up on our skin are unsightly, and really not necessary! They are caused by dilated capillaries and can be so little but absolutely drive us crazy. Cherry angiomas can just be located in  inconvenient areas that are easily nicked with a razor or rubbed with our clothes. Either way or for whatever the reason it is a skin blemish we don’t want.

They vary in size, from pinpoint to a few millimeters in diameter. Some cherry angiomas are raised and some are flat They can appear anywhere on the body, more often on the chest, stomach and back. They can appear singularly or in a cluster.

There is no specific cause for these red colored moles. It may be due to genetics, pregnancy, exposure to chemicals, or climate. Age is the largest factor in attaining cherry angiomas. They appear most frequently in persons over the age of  40.

How do I remove them?

The treatment of cherry angiomas is strictly cosmetic, unless you have one that is being bumped or irritated, causing it to bleed, or you just want them gone. There are a multiple of ways to treat this common skin blemish.

The most common and easiest of the treatment options, is laser. The laser delivers a pulse targeting  the color in the angioma, the heat is absorbed destroying the lesion.  The feeling is a light snap, anesthesia is not necessary for this procedure. Once the angioma has been lasered it will turn a dark grey/black. This shows that the treatment was successful and the target was hit. The dark color will fade over a period of 2-4 weeks. The average person may need 1-2 treatments to remove all of the red color.

Cherry angiomas are not dangerous, and they respond very well to laser treatment. Your clinician will request you avoid sun exposure for 1 week, and to keep the areas treated moisturized. After 4 weeks, your clinician may request you return to assess the outcome, and ascertain if further treatments will be required. Any unusual symptoms should be reported to your clinician.

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