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Permanately reduce underarm sweat and odor
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Don't sweat the small stuff….or the big stuff either.

When we want to look and feel our best we should not be distracted by potential embarrassment caused by under-arm sweat and odor. Imagine that you do not have to worry about sweat stains on your best clothes, odor, or the potential to have excessive sweating when your nervous or anxious.These lifetime results can be attained with miraDry.

Being confidant, knowing that you no longer have to worry about excessive sweating is the freedom you can have with miraDry. miraDry is the only non-invasive, FDA cleared treatment to reduce or eliminate sweat and odor glands in the underarm area.

How miraDry works

miraDry works by delivering targeted electromagnetic energy to the underarm area. The heat resulting from the treatment eliminates the sweat gland and odor under the arms.

The advanced design of the miraDry system continuously cools your skin during treatment for added comfort and safety. It is a quick in office treatment providing immediate and permanent results with minimal to no downtime.

  • FDA cleared
  • Non-Invasive
  • Minimal downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Permanent results

Would miraDry work for me?

Have you ever tried:

  • Clinical or prescription strength deodorants
  • Sweat shields
  • Only wearing clothes that hide sweat
  • Never wearing white
  • Changing clothes multiple times per day

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then miraDry might be the solution you have been looking for. miraDry is safe to use on everyone regardless of skin color. You can embrace those white shirts again, and no longer worry about yellow sweat stains or chalky deodorant marks.

How long will the results last?

The results last a lifetime because sweat glands do not regenerate once they have been eliminated with the treatments.

What are the side-effects?

The miraDry has a strong safety record. Local anesthesia is administered prior to treatment for maximum comfort. You may experience some localized soreness or slight swelling, which resolves within a few weeks. Some patients report altered sensation in the skin, which gradually disappears. However, as with any medical treatment, your Strella provider will determine if you are a good candidate, during the consultation prior to treatment.

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We started Strella 12 years ago with a singular goal: to help people in our community look as great as they feel. As we all age, on thing quickly becomes clear.  For the most part we still feel like we did in our early 20s, we just don’t look the same.  And with time, the gap between how we feel and how we look gets bigger.   We are here to change that through treatments and services that reverse the visible signs of aging.  And we can prove it with the stunning results we achieve for our clients.

Over the years have grown to be a full-service anti-aging and body contouring aesthetic center trusted in the community. For each of the last three years, we won Best MedSpa in Montgomery County. We're so thrilled to have the confidence of our clients and the reviews they share; it means the world to us.

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