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Rosacea Treatment

Diminish the redness and even out your skin tone

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Let’s decrease that redness

If you suffer from rosacea, no one has to tell you. It’s more than being a little red, it can be significant discoloration with papules that can look like an acne break out on the skin. At times people may say you look swollen or inflamed. With this feedback its is time to get laser to diminish the redness and even out your skin tone.There is no reason to take up any more of your time with make-up and topical treatments that don’t treat the problem.

Rosacea is a skin condition in which the blood vessels close to the surface dilate, looking like flushing or a deep blush. Rosacea and facial redness can affect anyone. It is more common with fair skin, and with women.

What can be done?

The Aerolase Light Pod laser uses the 650-microsecond technology to shrink the dilated vascularity eliminating some vessels completely. Rosacea is a medical condition that at times responds in one treatment, where others may require subsequent treatments to attain the desired effect.  Rosacea is a permanent condition but lasers can diminish the appearance making your everyday life less Red.

Procedures take 30 minutes to an hour, and can be repeated at 4-6 week intervals if required. Pain with this procedure is mild, no topical anesthesia is required. Expect redness and possible swelling following your treatment, which can last for 1-2 hours post treatment. You may also experience some mild bruising past treatment, which can take 4-7 days to resolve.

Who does the laser treatments?

Strella has an exceptional staff of expert trained registered nurses with extensive experience. This experience is what gives Strella the cutting edge in laser treatments . There extensively trained staff will review your medical history and devise a plan that  sets the foundation/relationship that will result in great success on all skin types and both men and women.

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