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What Are The Benefits of Botox®?

Botox® injectable offers several advantages such as:

  • Quick treatment, easy to fit into any schedule
  • No downtime
  • Minor, temporary side effects…if any
  • Procedure does not appear ‘frozen’ or fake
  • Subtle improvement, without signs you have ‘had work done’
  • Proven safe and effective

How Does Botox® Work?

On the day of your treatment your medical professional will review your individual care plan. The treatment will take 15-20 minutes. Discomfort is minimal. You may experience small amounts of bruising at the injection site. The skin might be slightly red following treatment, and you may have raised areas where injections occur lasting 10-15 minutes (these raised areas, are not swelling or inflammation, it is the fluid that Botox® is mixed in, and will be absorbed quickly by the body) There is no downtime with treatment. The binding process typically takes three days to two weeks, to see the full results. Results from Botox® last 3-4 months. If you discontinue treatment, the wrinkles gradually return and look as they did before treatment.

Botox® results are different for everyone, and can vary due to:

  • Metabolism
  • Individual facial expressions
  • Environmental exposure
  • Home care

Your Strella professional will want your head elevated for 4 hours following treatment. (No, downward dog, or body massage following treatment!)

Will My Facial Expressions Look Natural?

The results of Botox® will show visible improvement without radical change to your facial appearance. The muscle activity that causes the lines is simply reduced, so that you can still show expression without the wrinkles and creases

Is Botox® Safe?

Botox is an FDA-approved product that is safe when injected by a properly trained, experienced injector. As with all medical treatments there is a certain degree of risk. On consultation your Strella professional will review all adverse reactions and or risk.

Botox® Before & After

Botox before and after photo.
Botox Before & After Javi
Marie Botox Before & After


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