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At Strella Medical Aesthetics, located in the heart of Spring House, Pennsylvania, we offer a premier range of aesthetic treatments designed to rejuvenate and enhance your natural beauty. Our state-of-the-art facility at 1108 N Bethlehem Pike provides a tranquil and luxurious setting for all your skincare needs.

Under Eye Filler Services at Strella Medical Aesthetics

Our expert team specializes in under-eye filler treatments, a popular service designed to combat the signs of aging and refresh your appearance, ensuring that you leave our spa looking and feeling your best.

What We Offer

  • Location: Conveniently based in Lower Gwynedd Township, PA, with ample parking and a welcoming environment.
  • Hours of Operation: We are open Monday to Saturday, with varying hours to accommodate your busy schedule. Closed on Sundays.

Treatment Details

Treatment Type Description Duration Price
Under Eye Fillers Injectable fillers such as Hyaluronic acid, designed to reduce under-eye shadows and improve overall eye appearance. 30-45 minutes Contact us for pricing

Benefits of Under Eye Fillers

  • Aesthetic Improvement: Reduces the appearance of under-eye shadows and fine lines.
  • Psychological Boost: Enhances self-confidence and satisfaction with one’s appearance.

Risks and Safety

Our medical professionals are highly trained to administer under-eye fillers safely, ensuring minimal risks. Possible side effects include temporary swelling or bruising, which typically resolves quickly.

Provider Qualifications

All treatments at Strella Medical Aesthetics are performed by certified professionals with extensive experience in facial aesthetics. We ensure the highest standards of care and expertise.

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Strella Medical Aesthetics: The Best Under Eye Fillers in Pennsylvania

Get Under Eye Fillers at Strella Medical Aesthetics for the best results and exceptional care.

  • Expertise: Strella Medical Aesthetics’ skilled professionals specialize in using FDA-approved dermal fillers to address the unique concerns of the under-eye area.
  • Safe Approach: Strella Medical Aesthetics is known for its commitment to patient safety and satisfaction, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience throughout the under eye treatment process.
  • Enhanced Results: With a deep understanding of facial anatomy, our team can precisely inject under eye fillers to achieve natural-looking and balanced results.

How Do Under Eye Fillers Work?

Under eye fillers, also known as tear trough fillers, work by injecting a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the area underneath the eyes. The tear trough is the indentation between the lower eyelid and the cheek, and it can develop shadows and hollows with age, making the eyes look tired and aged.

The filler adds volume to the under-eye area, filling in hollows and reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It also helps to lift and support the skin, reducing the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes.

The procedure is typically quick and minimally invasive, with little to no downtime. The results are immediate, and patients can expect to see a smoother, more refreshed appearance around the eyes. The effects of under eye fillers can last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the type of filler used and individual factors.

Types of Under Eye Fillers

The most common types of under eye fillers are hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps to retain moisture and keep the skin plump and hydrated. When injected into the tear trough area, hyaluronic acid fillers add volume and smooth out the under-eye hollows and wrinkles.

There are various brands of hyaluronic acid fillers available, and each has its unique characteristics and benefits. Some of the popular under eye filler brands include:

  • Restylane: Restylane-L and Restylane Silk are commonly used for under eye treatment and can provide natural-looking results.

  • Juvéderm: Juvéderm Volbella and Juvéderm Vollure XC are hyaluronic acid fillers designed for delicate areas, such as the under eyes.

  • Belotero: Belotero Balance is a versatile filler that can address under-eye concerns with precision.

Why Under Eye Fillers?

Under eye fillers are primarily used to treat under-eye hollows, dark circles, and fine lines. They can effectively address common concerns in the tear trough area, which is the delicate area beneath the eyes. The treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals who have:

  • Under-eye hollows: As we age, the skin in the tear trough area may lose volume, resulting in a sunken or hollow appearance. Under eye fillers can restore volume, giving a more rejuvenated and refreshed look.

  • Dark circles: Under eye fillers can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles by improving the shadowing caused by under-eye hollowness.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles: Some under eye fillers have a plumping effect, which can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Tired-looking eyes: Under eye fillers can provide a more rested and youthful appearance by diminishing the signs of fatigue.

  • Asymmetry: Under eye fillers can be used to correct asymmetry and bring balance to the facial features.

Getting Under Eye Fillers at Strella

Strella Medical Aesthetics ensures that customers are well-informed, comfortable, and satisfied with their under eye filler experience. We prioritize safety and natural-looking results, enhancing each individual’s unique beauty and confidence.

Before the Procedure: Before undergoing under eye filler treatment at Strella Medical Aesthetics, customers can expect to have an initial consultation with a skilled medical professional. During this consultation, the practitioner will carefully listen to their concerns, assess their specific needs, and discuss the desired outcomes. Customers should openly communicate their expectations and ask any questions they may have. The practitioner will explain the procedure, potential risks, and benefits, helping the customer set realistic goals for the treatment.

During the Procedure: During the under eye filler procedure, customers can expect a relatively quick and minimally invasive process. To ensure comfort, the medical professional may apply a numbing cream or use local anesthesia before the injections. The practitioner will precisely inject the chosen dermal filler into the targeted areas of the under-eye region, addressing concerns such as hollowness, dark circles, and fine lines. Throughout the procedure, the team at Strella Medical Aesthetics will prioritize the customer’s comfort and safety, ensuring a positive experience.

After the Procedure: After the under eye filler treatment, customers may experience mild swelling and bruising around the treatment area. These side effects are common and temporary, typically subsiding within a few days. It’s essential for customers to follow any post-treatment instructions provided by the practitioner, which may include avoiding certain activities or using cold compresses to minimize swelling. Over the next few weeks, the under eye filler will settle and integrate with the skin, providing a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Under Eye Fillers FAQ

Q: How long does under eye filler treatment take?
A: The under eye filler procedure typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the extent of correction needed and the individual’s unique anatomy.

Q: Who is a good candidate for under eye filler?
A: Under eye fillers are suitable for individuals who have concerns with dark circles, hollowness, or fine lines under their eyes. They may notice a tired or aged appearance due to volume loss in this area.

Q: Why should I choose a reputable provider like Strella Medical Aesthetics for under eye filler treatment?
A: Choosing a reputable provider ensures that you receive safe and effective treatments from experienced professionals. Strella Medical Aesthetics is committed to delivering natural-looking results and providing personalized care to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes.


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