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What is miraDry®?

miraDry® is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared procedure to help patients permanently reduce underarm sweating and the embarrassing odors that come along with it. It can also help you to finally avoid the deodorants that often contain harmful toxins such as certain types of lead. This safe, non-surgical procedure can save you from the time-consuming hassle that comes with sweating and save money by doing away with the constant need for new clothing due to sweat stains that won’t come out in the laundry. Utilizing unique electromagnetic frequencies, miraDry® will effectively destroy the sweat glands under your arm and tackle the root of the problem so that you can live your life more comfortably again and lift your arms without worrying what moisture and odor is hiding underneath.

Benefits of miraDry®

While results vary slightly from patient to patient, common results following a full miraDry® treatment include:

  • Permanently reducing the underarm sweat and odor glands
  • Results in as little as one treatment
  • Non-Surgical and requires little to no downtime or change in your daily routine
  • Little to no discomfort during the miraDry® treatment process
  • The ability to go straight from the gym to work or other engagements without showering and changing
  • No more chalky white deodorant stains
  • Stay clean, confident, and carefree forever

What is the Procedure for miraDry®?

The procedure for miraDry® usually lasts only about an hour to an hour and a half. The customized area for treatment will be marked. Before the miraDry® procedure, the marked area is numbed with local anesthesia. The handpiece is placed on the underarm following the customized treatment marks. miraDry® is activated, vacuum suction from the handpiece stabilizes the skin and brings the sweat glands closer for treatment, protecting deeper tissue. Energy is delivered non-surgically through the skin and tissue of the underarm. The energy penetrates to the region where the sweat glands are located. At the same time, a cooling system protects the skin and keeps the energy at the sweat glands. The glands are heated and then permanently reduced. Since sweat glands don’t grow back, results are immediate and very long-lasting.

Preparing for miraDry®

You will likely be asked to shave your underarms 4 days prior to your miraDry® treatment day. You should also show up to your appointment free of deodorant or any antiperspirants. On the treatment day, wear a sleeveless shirt or one with loose armholes.

miraDry® Aftercare

Most patients can return to their normal lives soon after receiving miraDry® treatment. It is normal to experience a small amount of swelling, tenderness or soreness for a short time, but it is generally mild and easily treated with ice and over-the-counter pain medications. Some patients may benefit from more than one treatment or multiple treatments over the years to maintain optimal results.


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